Kick it Up Seasoning Blend

Home of the BEST SEASONING BLEND in Texas. Use our blend to turn anything you cook into a Southern delicacy. It'll have everyone in your household running up for seconds and will leave your taste buds craving more.

No matter if it's a scoop, half a scoop, or just a sprinkle, Kick It Up Seasoning Blend is absolutely delicious in any and everything you create.

"I've done all the work, so you can take the credit"

Hope you truly enjoy,

Ms. Paula

Meet Ms. Paula

Ms. Paula had a dream to start her own business over 15 years ago but never had the time or support to follow it. Years went by and the thought just kept nagging her in the back of her mind. It kept saying "Paula, You can do this!"

So, in 2018 she got a calling that told her it was time and she got to workin'. Mixing hundreds of different spice combinations and taste testing each and every one. So much she had to have helpers come and take over
because it was all starting to taste the same. Then it happened, with the perfect combination of southern spice and love, Kick It Up was created.

Now Ms. Paula travels around in hopes of sharing the best seasoning blend Texas has to offer. For updates on which shows she will be visiting next follow us on Facebook!